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IT Self-Service benefits
Infographic - 6 Benefits of IT Self-Service

There are many benefits to implementing self-service in your IT department. In this document we outline the 6 key benefits of self-service.

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Features of Knowledge First
Key Features Knowledge First

Unymira Knowledge First is an intelligent web self-service tool. This document gives a detailed list of all of the features of Knowledge First.

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Unymira Knowledge Management Contact Center Pipeline
03/2019 - Solutions Spotlight

Unymira's Chris Rall discussed knowledge management and what makes unymira unique in the industry. 

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Smart Alert IT Service
Product information - Features of Smart Alert

Unymira Smart Alert is the pro-active messaging and alarm system for IT notification. In this document we go over some of the ways in which Smart Alert can reduce the cost of IT disruptions.

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IT Self-Service mit Smart Link
Product Information - Features of Smart Link

Unymira Smart Link is a smart tool for IT self-service. We combine all of your self-service offerings in one interface. This document goes over the top features of Unymira Smart Link.

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how to get started with self-service
Infographic - 10 steps to a successful self-service

Self-Service has become an important component of customer service today. This document outlines 10 steps to implementing successful web self-service.

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Service Automation with unymira
11/2018 - Knowledge-Driven Service Automation

Our professional Knowledge Base Knowledge Center is awared by CIO Review in 2018. Read more.

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Product information Knowledge First
Product Information - Features of Knowledge First

Unymira Knowledge First is an intelligent web self-service portal that provides your customers step-by-step support on your website and delivers the right information for all their questions. This document discusses some of the amazing features of Knowledge First.

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Chatbot Knowledge Bot
Product Information - Chatbot

Find out how our Chatbot Knowledge Bot can support your Customer Service.

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Study - Digital Strategy for Customer Service
Study - Digital Strategy for Customer Service

The study examines the development, implementation and challenges of a digital customer service strategy. We surveyed over 130 business leaders and experts on their organization’s goals, experiences and current situation. Learn more in the full PDF.

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Whitepaper - Deploying Voice Assistants in Customer Service

Learn how one insurance company is using Alexa to provide customer service and policy information. Will other companies soon follow suit with digital assistants in customer service?

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Self-Service Research
Research - Web Self-Service in Customer Service

Web self-service is an essential channel through which you can provide customer service to your customers. This is our web self-service study, we asked over 100 contact center manager how they use self-service and how they plan to use it in the future, these are the results of our research.

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Chatbots for service
Research - Using Chatbots in Customer Service

Chatbots provide a new channel where customers can engage with companies. This is the Unymira Chatbot study, we asked over 150 contact center manager how they use Chatbots for customer service as well as how they plan to use Chatbots to provide better CX in the future. Here are the results. 

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E-Book Knowledge Base
Ebook - Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base Ebook is a guide for practical implementation of a knowledge Base. In this book the authors describe the process of how to successfully set up a knowledge base. This book was written by Sven Kolb and Harald Huber.

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A Professional Knowledge Base vs. SharePoint
A Knowledge Base vs. SharePoint

SharePoint is a popular for document management and collaboration but not meant to be used as a knowledge base. See how it compares side-by-side to Knowledge Center.

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performance specification knowledge center
Key Features Knowledge Center

Unymira Knowledge Center is the leading knowledge base on the market. This document gives a detailed list of all of the features of Knowledge Center.

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Social Customer Service Tools im Vergleich
Ideya Social Customer Service Tool Report 2018

Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report Public Excerpts 2018: Analysis and Elaborate Profiles of more than 150 Social Technologies & Services Worldwide

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CIO Review The Knowledge Machine
09/2017 - The Knowledge Machine

This is the special edition of The CIO Review Magazine. In this feature, entitled “The Knowledge Machine” there is an in-depth interview with Sven Kolb, the Managing Director of Unymira and an analysis of the benefits that knowledge management can bring to an organization.

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Nr. 1 im Bereich Wissensmanagement Software
09/2016 - Unymira awarded by CIO Review

Unymira Knowledge Center was recognized by the CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 most promising knowledge management providers in 2016.

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Knowledge Center for Customer Service
Product Information - Top Knowledge Base for Customer Service

Unymira Knowledge Center is the leading knowledge base for customer service departments. Download this document and see some of the ways that Knowledge Center can benefit your customer service team.

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Knowledge management software
Infographic - 5 Reasons Knowledge Base can fail

To be successful it helps to understand what can go wrong. In this document we talk about the top 5 reasons that your knowledge base may not succeed.

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Knowledge Center for IT Service
Product Information - Knowledge Base for IT Departments

Unymira Knowledge Center is the top knowledge base for IT departments. This document goes over some of the ways that Knowledge Center can help with managing your IT department.

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active knowledge base
Infographic - 9 Reasons to Choose an Active Knowledge Base

An active Knowledge Base can give you greater control over your knowledge and can make your knowledge more accessible to every member of our team. In this download we go over the 9 benefits of choosing an active Knowledge Base.

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professional knowledge base
Infographic - 5 Reasons your company needs a Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base can benefit your company in many ways. In this download we go over some of the main ways in which a Knowledge Base can benefit your company.

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Knowledge Center vs. Salesforce Knowledge
Knowledge Center vs. Salesforce Knowledge

While Salesforce is the leading CRM today, it's not designed to be a knowledge base. This two-page overview compares Knowledge Center to Salesforce's simple add-on. Learn why to choose best tool for each job and link them with our integration instead of compromise.

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comparison knowledge base solutions
Knowledge Base Comparison

Choosing the right Knowledge Base is important. This document assists the vendor selection for Knowledge Management and compares leading Knowledge Base Providers in the United States. Here we compare Unymira Knowledge Center, eGain, Upland and MindTouch.

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KCS methodology
Infographic - KCS Methodology Checklist

The KCS Methodology Checklist provides a list of all of the things that you need in order to adhere to the KCS methodology.

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KCS Methodology
Infographic - Your Road to Success with KCS

KCS is designed to help you achieve greater value within your CX organization. This document lays out the KCS process on how to be successful when implementing KCS into your organization.

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e-learning knowledge base
E-Learning with Knowledge Center

Find out how easy it is to integrate your e-learning in Knowledge Center - the professional Knowledge Base.

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