Making CX Journeys More Simple, Consistent & Customer-Centric

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The number of customer service channels, technologies and vendors is outpacing our ability to understand and manage them. How can companies resist adopting them ad hoc which increases complexity and inefficiencies in the future?

A strategic decision to implement knowledge management will tackle core challenges and create a foundation that enables your customer service to consistently improve service quality and KPIs and not be caught off-guard by new changes.

In this webinar, Unymira’s Laura Williams and CCW’s Brian Cantor will look at the proliferation of customer service channels, accompanying new technologies like chatbots and how to manage them long-term on a single platform.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to bring together diverse CX technologies on one platform
  • Knowledge management best practices and challenges for contact centers
  • How customers in 3 different industries tackled service challenges and channel creep

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