More Remote Workers Means More Help Desk Tickets

Easily Tackle your IT Workload with the Right Tools

Even with some normalcy returning to our lives, work will never be the same. Help create a long-term foundation for IT service whether it's in the office or remote. 

We're offering our range of cloud-based IT service software free for 90 days. They will be instantly available to your entire organization, on-site and remote.

No matter the situation, you'll always be prepared. 

  • Ready in 48 hrs

  • Free for 90 Days

  • No Contract

Intelligent Self-Service

24/7 access
to support data

Self-Healing Systems

Automatic resolution
of simple issues via chatbot

Proactive IT Alerts

Alert users about
IT disruptions


IT service desks benefit most when users are able to solve common issues themselves. Particularly with the additional strains of large scale remote work and distributed teams, IT resources are more precious than ever.

A trio of ITSM tools can reduce first level inquiries, enable users to get back to work faster and free up IT to respond to critical needs such as VPN credentials. Powerful search and web-based self-service help customers quickly find the answers to their problems.

Self-healing systems enable common tasks like restoring network drives and clearing browser caches to immediately be carried out locally without the help of IT. Finally, alerting systems enable your IT department to proactively alert and communicate with users in the event of server failures, overloads and the like. This prevents spikes in duplicate tickets and calls and keeps the entire organization on the same page, independently of location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much setup is required?

A free 2 hour Skype session is required for editorial and system training. This ensures you are able to use the system properly and easily create content. 

Are there any other conditions or fine print?

There are only two other conditions. Firstly, both parties will sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and secondly, a two hour training session via Skype is required to ensure your key users are trained in how to use the system. That's it!

Which DLLs come with the self-healing tool?

  • Clear cache
  • Clear cookies
  • Clear history
  • Forced close (End Task) of browser
  • Empty recycling bin
  • Classic Windows settings for display, keyboard, mouse and printer

Do we have to sign a contract or agreement?

No! This offer is completely free of charge and free of any kind of contractual obligations! The focus is getting up and running and providing great service!

What happens after 90 days?

After the free 90 day offer, you have the option to continue using the system as a normal paid user. Please contact us in advance so we can discuss the details and ensure no disruption in service. If you choose not to continue using the software, the server will be shutdown. But rest assured, we will first export all of your data as HTML files and provide it to you free of charge.

Who is my point of contact?

Once you get in touch, we will provide a dedicated POC to guide you through the process and be available for any additional questions or assistance. 

Who has access to the data and/or system?

Only you and we have access to the system.

How can you ensure adequate system performance for my needs?

Our servers are hosted on AWS, the leading cloud platform worldwide. Therefore, resources can be quickly and easily scaled as necessary based on system use. Our years of experience ensure fast response times and that your system will be configured with the amount of resources required by your needs and user base. For any further questions, please ask your POC. 

What kind of support is offered after the 90 day offer?

If you choose to enter into a paid contract after your free 90 days, we offer various support models from standard business hours to 24/7.