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COVID-19 means sudden and difficult challenges for many businesses and has launched the first global remote work experiment in history. This has led to never before seen tsunamis of support inquiries. Now more than ever, employees need on-demand remote access to mission-critical customer service tools.

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Knowledge Management, or access to support data, is a core requirement for customer service and close communication and team alignment is the only way your remote team can succeed.

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Help Customers Help Themselves Quickly & Reduce Tickets and Calls

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. Don’t let them create unnecessary tickets! Uncertainty about the future and more time at home means a staggering increase in inquiries. Self-service and chatbots are here to the rescue!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much setup is required?

A free 2 hour Skype session is required for editorial and system training. This ensures you are able to use the system properly and easily create content. 

Are there any other conditions or fine print?

There are only two other conditions. Firstly, both parties will sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and secondly, a two hour training session via Skype is required to ensure your key users are trained in how to use the system. That's it!

Do we have to sign a contract or agreement?

No! This offer is completely free of charge and free of any kind of contractual obligations! The focus is getting up and running and providing great service!

What happens after 90 days?

After the free 90 day offer, you have the option to continue using the system as a normal paid user. Please contact us in advance so we can discuss the details and ensure no disruption in service. If you choose not to continue using the software, the server will be shutdown. But rest assured, we will first export all of your data as HTML files and provide it to you free of charge.

Who creates the content and where is it stored?

All content creation is handled by you, the user. We will provide two hours of free training to ensure a smooth start. If you would like additional assistance creating or migrating content, please let us know so we can discuss the cost. All content is owned and retained by you whether or not you decide to continue using the software after 90 days. 

Who is my point of contact?

Once you get in touch, we will provide a dedicated POC to guide you through the process and be available for any additional questions or assistance. 

Who has access to the data and/or system?

Only you and we have access to the system.

How can you ensure adequate system performance for my needs?

Our servers are hosted on AWS, the leading cloud platform worldwide. Therefore, resources can be quickly and easily scaled as necessary based on system use. Our years of experience ensure fast response times and that your system will be configured with the amount of resources required by your needs and user base. For any further questions, please ask your POC. 

What kind of support is offered after the 90 day offer?

If you choose to enter into a paid contract after your free 90 days, we offer various support models from standard business hours to 24/7. 

What resources are required from us?

As with all IT projects, someone from your IT department should act as the POC for project in order to ensure a smooth rollout on your end. In addition, an editorial POC is highly recommend for Knowledge Center to coordinate and oversee content creation and review.