Move your
Service Teams
to the Cloud in 48 hours

Give your Service Teams the Tools to Succeed Today

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, work from home is the new normal and temporary measures are turning into long-term changes in how we work and do business. That's why we're continuing our special offer to ease the transition and support your employees as we all adapt together. 

For customer service and IT service desk teams, take advantage of our software free of charge for 90 days. We'll spin up an instance for you and have your teams ready to work within 48 hours. 

  • Ready in 48 hours

  • 90 days free

  • No contract


Forecasting and handling normal business in a contact center is already difficult. Today, calls and ticket volume are exploding and the challenge is exponentially greater. Move your critical service tools to the cloud and ensure on-demand access anywhere.

  • Knowledge base  - A single source of truth for everyone
  • Web self-service - 24/7 service wherever you are
  • Chatbots -  Reduce incoming inquiries


Long term remote work creates new challenges for IT service desks.  Quickly adapt,  cut the workload and resolve tickets faster with cloud-based IT tools.

  • IT Self-Service - Help users help themselves 
  • Self-Healing - Automatically solve issues, incl. via bot
  • IT Alerting - Inform users proactively