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Strategies for new business models in a digital world

Strategy consulting for digital success –
unymira Digital Strategy

The disruptive changes brought about by digital business processes and new players in the market mean that the companies we advise have to reposition themselves in all areas of marketing, digital platforms, and customer experience.

Digital platforms for implementing an omnichannel strategy, cloud computing, mobile solutions, Big Data and Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and bots are central drivers of change. Your customers come into contact with your brand, products, and services at a variety of touchpoints. Understanding this customer journey correctly is the most important basis for an optimal digital strategy and the effective use of your budgets.

Unymira Digital Strategy gives you the expertise of our consultants in digital change and of our 250 experts in the fields of customer experience, customer engagement and digital platform technologies, which we can call on to address your specific needs.

Our services give our customers orientation in digital competition, identify solution strategies, and combine them with an inspiring user experience, proven IT architectures, and concrete project and cost planning and decision templates for sourcing and make-or-buy decisions. 

unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model for digitale Innovation

Our approach is more strategic than that of agencies, more creative than IT consultants, and more technological than strategy consultants. 

Digital Strategy services

1. Analyze and Define

The purpose of this phase is improved familiarization with the initial situation of the company and the users of the subsequent digital offerings.

For this, we use benchmarks, competitive analysis, customer insights, and market studies. They help us map the actual state of the customer journey and the existing touchpoints.

Together with you, we thus lay the foundation for strategic goal-setting development. Always within the context of a consistent customer-first approach. And always with clear KPIs.
We define the strategic targets for user goals, new touchpoint maps, and ideal customer journeys. Concepts and strategies in digital space require a map in the IT environment. To this end, we derive the appropriate IT target architecture from the initial functional and technical requirements.

unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Analyze and Define
unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Analyze and Define
  • Market studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarks
  • Trend studies
  • Customer insights
  • Data-driven insights (digital analytics)
  • User goals
  • Customer journey and personal development
  • Brand strategy
  • IT strategy/IT target architecture
  • Specifications/requirements engineering

2. Create and Prove

We design integrated and seamless customer journeys for your company with an optimal touchpoint strategy along your value chain.

We offer the conceptual design of a seamlessly coordinated user and customer journey across all touchpoints and underpin it with a modern, sustainable IT target architecture and concrete technical implementation services.

We create tangible, usable visual, conceptual, and technical models at an early stage.
Our user experience and brand design experts ensure an inspiring brand and user experience for all devices in the envisioning phase. For this, we use envisioning methods: very early on in the digital strategy project, we implement visual and functional prototypes of your brand, web portal, apps, and all omnichannel activities as prototypes –  which can be operated, comprehended, experienced, and tested at any time.

We continuously and agilely check the design and usability of drafts and prototypes. For this, we employ uselabs, walk-throughs, crowdtesting, and precise tracking and analytics solutions.

The IT target architectures and prototypes are subjected to a proof of concept (PoC) and examined in terms of IT security, scalability, operating scenarios, and implementation efforts.

This will provide you with the cornerstones of your new digital strategy in the dimensions of visual design and brand design, customer experience, customer service, and the appropriate IT infrastructure.

unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Create and Prove
unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Create and Prove
  • Brand visioning
  • User and customer experience design
  • Customer journey development including touchpoint
    and channel integration, online marketing, and persona
  • Interaction design and visual design vision
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Content design
  • Usability expert evaluation
  • Agile usability tests
  • Uselab
  • IT-Technical POC
  • Measure
    • Analytics
    • Tracking

3. Decide and Manage

We plan the project on your behalf, from roadmapping to detailed project plans. 

In the tendering process, we support you in selecting the right partners and suppliers. Our scope of services ranges from pitch consulting to the preparation of strategic, conceptual, and technical tenders to the selection of specific suppliers and software for your implementation project.

In the implementation phase, we guide your project to success with modern product- and project-management approaches and manage setup on your behalf for selected service providers and suppliers.

unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Decide and Manage
unymira Digital Strategy Consulting model Phase Decide and Manage
  • Pitch tendering
  • Software selection tendering process
  • Supplier selection
  • Sourcing models: Make or buy
  • Roadmapping
  • Project planning
  • Project management: agile project control/project management

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