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Social Media Monitoring – Connect provides an overview of all digital channels

Every day, countless contributions are posted on many different social media channels. Twitter alone generates more than 7,000 tweets every second.

What at first appears to be a confused flood of data holds enormous potential for companies. Social Media Monitoring helps you to get an overview of your own channels and issues as well as those of your competitors.

Social Media Monitoring with Connect

Connect gives you an overview of all digital channels and allows you to make better decisions based on the information advantage gained. Connect systematically generates contributions (= actionable insights) for you from social media channels, forums, etc. – in more than 50 languages. The KPIs tracked allow you to test the strengths and weaknesses of your social media activities and benchmark the results with your competitors.

Our Social Media Monitoring Tool services

  • Top usability
  • The dashboard provides intuitive navigation and simple workflows for encoding contributions and processing insights.

  • Topic search
  • In addition to grouping social media contributions by keyword, we automatically detect semantic developments in existing topics.

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment recognition goes beyond lists of terms with positive or negative connotations. Our methodology also recognizes irony and identifies the meaning of ambiguous terms for a specific context.

  • Entity name recognition
  • Our solution automatically recognizes persons, places, and products in texts. This allows us to enrich social media posts and authors by adding further relationships.

  • Relationship extraction
  • This technology helps you analyze and track user, brand, and product relationships.

Areas of application for social media monitoring

You can use Social Media Monitoring in various areas of your company. Marketing and Sales will benefit from exciting insights from the collected data, as will the following departments:

  • Corporate Communications (PR)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Product Management
  • Research and Development
Further Connect application areas

Our Connect Social Media Management Tool can support you even further:

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