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With Knowledge Center all of your service employees are experts

A knowledge base offers service staff rapid access to the information they need to deal with questions or incidents. Knowledge Center centralizes all of knowledge within your company into one system.

In most companies knowledge is found in numberless different places such as folders, filesystems, on sticky notes or even in the head of the employees. It is really difficult, especially for new colleagues, to find the information they need. Besides the information is often outdated or not released. Knowledge Center is a knowledge base that centralizes all of the knowledge and with its intelligent and active search you find the needed answers easy and fast.

Knowledge Center complies with all of the crucial factors that determine customer satisfaction with your service:

  • A consistently high quality of service
  • Interaction over all relevant communication channels (multichannel-function)
  • Rapid responses to questions (call handling time)
  • Complete resolution of customer issues (first contact resolution rate)

50 %

increase in productivity


70 %

fewer documents

80 %

faster training period

40 %

higher first contact
resolution time

Benefits of our ACTIVE knowledge base

  • All knowledge is stored in one central place
  • Intelligent full text search (similar to Google)
  • Integration of multi-media (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Conform to compliance issues
  • Version control of documents
  • Quality-assured, up-to-date knowledge due to workflows
  • Faster onboarding of new employees through integrated e-learning
  • Intuitive editor (similar to Word)
  • Active documents such as decision trees and checklists
  • Inter-agent chats supports active knowledge sharing within the team
  • Seamless integration into business processes
  • Proven high level of user acceptance
  • KCS v6 Practices certified

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What makes the difference of an ACTIVE knowledge base

KCS v6 Practices certified

KCS is a methodology based on how to manage and create knowledge in knowledge-intensive environments such as the customer service center. The aim of KCS is to deliver knowledge with greater value and more efficiency.

We from unymira, are working based on principles of KCS within our knowledge base. The product management of our knowledge base, Knowledge Center, is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) certified and provides this approach in its daily business and in the further development of our knowledge management software.

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