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Knowledge First - the intelligent web self-service

Customers want responses to their questions immediately, around the clock and, if possible, via every communication channel. According to a study by Forrester Research, 72 % of respondents prefer to look for solutions themselves, rather than reaching directly for the phone and calling Customer Service. They obtain information online, but conventional FAQs on websites are often too static and outdated and are not tailored to the needs of the customer.

Knowledge First actively provides the necessary knowledge for your customers' realm

Knowledge First is an intelligent Web self-service which guides your customers step by step through your website and quickly and precisely provides the right information relating to all issues.  Whether via smartphone, tablet or PC, the Web Self-Service Knowledge First acts actively to provide the exact information desired by the customer -  envision Web self-service.

Advantages of the Web Self-Service Knowledge First

For you
  • Eases the Customer Service workload by reducing the number of calls
  • Reduces Customer Service and support costs
  • Prevents calls relating to common issues
  • More time for challenging customer queries
  • Easy implementation
  • Look & feel in line with your corporate design
  • Service knowledge integrated directly into the website
  • Available as a SaaS solution and an on-premise solution
For your customers
  • Ideal effortless service - dynamic provision of information depending on requirements and topicality
  • Intelligent, powerful search provides fast results
  • Ease of use ensuring an impressive service experience
  • High level of quality and service
  • Optimized customer interaction for increased customer loyalty

Easily integrated into your website

Integrating Knowledge First is really easy for customer service: The web self-service has its own web interface that seamlessly moves like a slider over your company website to provide the same look and feel. This means your company website remains untouched, giving the customer service department the necessary independence for the customer care team to respond quickly to market and customer requirements. Knowledge First can also be set up as a separate landing page or integrated into the existing company website using an iFrame.

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