Oct 11, 2018

Unymira hosts KCS® training

Content and advantages of KCS ®

Unymira, a division of the USU Group will host a KCS® v6 workshop on Monday, October 15th -Wednesday, October 17th; this 3-day workshop will take place in our offices in Germany. The workshop aims to certify delegates to the Knowledge-Centered Service Methodology (KCS®) and will be held by certified KCS® trainer Kai Altenfelder.

Unymira already works with the principles of Knowledge-Centered Service KCS ® within its knowledge management software, Knowledge Center and has had its associated product management team certified according to this methodology. As part of the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about KCS® implementation and gain insights into the knowledge management software Knowledge Center.

KCS ® is a service delivery methodology based on how to manage and create knowledge effectively to support key business processes. The aim of KCS® is to build a knowledge database based on the experiences by the service center employees in solving customer demands and processes during their daily work. Due to the integrative use of the knowledge database existing knowledge is used, improved and new knowledge acquired. Thus, all users benefit from the collective experience of the organization which leads to reduced processing time of customer inquiries.


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