Nov 30, 2018

Unymira announces new release of its Knowledge Base “Knowledge Center”

Unymira, a division of the USU Group, which is a German software company that aims to help improve the customer experience is pleased to release a new version of its best in class Knowledge Base “Knowledge Center”.

Unymira Knowledge Center is a leading knowledge base for call centers and contact centers which helps your customer facing agents with relevant, easy to understand knowledge so that they can provide better, more efficient customer service.

The new version of Knowledge Center is the last minor release before unymira will release the next major release with some groundbreaking new technologies due to be released in early 2019.

Some of the feature highlights of this release include:

  1. New and modern editor interface for knowledge creation to ensure our status as easiest Knowledge Base in the market to create content
  2. Switch of our Decision Tree technology from Adobe Flash to HTML5 to build a technical foundation for future troubleshooting processes within service departments
  3. Introduction of our AI-powered search to combine our powerful search with the intelligence of 100,000 daily users and 20 years of experience. 

For more information about Unymira Knolwedge Center, visit our site or request a demo.

Learn more about Knowledge Center

About Knowledge Center 7

In the first half of 2019 we will be launching a new major release of our knowledge base, Knowledge Center 7. Knowledge Center 7 is designed to improve user experience and change the way customer service agents work with knowledge. We have updated each feature and functionality and have implemented many requests made by clients. Additionally, Knowledge Center 7 will come with a new, improved interface that will delight every customer service agent.

To learn more about the latest Knowledge Center features and to stay abreast of the latest news about Unymira please be sure to subscribe to the Unymira Blog.



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