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Knowledge Base with Decision Tree Technology

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The Platform for Agent & Customer Success

Our knowledge base is designed to make your contact center more efficient and customers' happier. It enables you to centralize knowledge, create custom decision trees, deflect more tickets and lower call volumes.

Unymira's Knowledge Center leads to better customer experiences, increased productivity and more satisfied agents. 


  • Consistent support quality in every channel
  • Problems resolved faster
  • Get accurate and current information
  • Fewer transferred calls

Service Agent

  • Agents guided through support queries
  • Ensure important steps are not forgotten
  • No switching programs, decision trees are built-in
  • Built-in e-learning


  • Custom workflows & approval processes
  • Create guided chats and scripts
  • Tackle complex topics easily like a flowchart in Powerpoint
  • Quickly edit decision trees for everyone


  • Ensure consistent service from all agents
  • Centrally manage scripts and guides
  • Faster onboarding 
  • Custom Reports

Power Multiple Channels with One Decision Tree

40 %

Higher FCR

50 %

Productivity Increase

70 %

Fewer documents

80 %

Faster Onboarding

Easy Visual Decision Trees - No Coding Required!

Easily Build Decision Trees Yourself

Knowledge Center allows users to visually create decision trees. It's as easy as building a chart in Powerpoint. Create guided dialogues for agents, chatbots or even customer self-service.

Because our tool is an integral part of the knowledge base, it links you directly to the information needed. This creates a smoother, more consistent and more pleasant experience for both agent and customer!

Build, Deploy & Optimize your own Scripts

Knowledge Center delivers results like increasing your First Call Resolution rate and decrease Average Handling Time.

With custom-built scripts and guided chats, your agents will provide better and more consistent customer support across all channels. According to our research and customer feedback, Knowledge Center can improve FCR by over 40% and reduce documents by 50%! This means happier customers and agents, less transferred calls and metrics you'll be happy to report up the chain. 

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Trusted by Leading Brands

"A very powerful tool for knowledge management in service environments with excellent vendor support."

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Key Features of Knowledge Center

Find out more about Unymira's leading knowledge management platform for customer service and contact centers. Download the PDF with a detailed feature list.