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Knowledge Base for Contact Centers

Skyrocket your Contact Center Efficency

A contact center knowledge base is designed to make your contact center more efficient. It allows you to put all of your knowledge in a single, easy to search location and it lets you manage your knowledge resources more productively.

A knowledge base leads to better customer service, increased productivity and more satisfied customers. 

Benefits of A Knowledge Base for Contact Centers

A knowledge base built for contact centers puts your knowledge at the hands of your agents and allows them to offer better, faster service to your customers. Giving your agents better access to knowledge will allow you to increase your revenue, improve your quality score, reduce training and onboarding time, improve productivity and improve your First Contact Resolution.

Building a knowledge base is a critical part of developing a knowledge management framework. A knowledge base can help you attract more customers and develop better relationships with them, while decreasing the workload of your help desk.

Improve Your
Quality Score

By using a knowledge base, agents are able to look up a question in the knowledge base, find the right answer, and relay the answer onto the customer. It gives agents the power to resolve calls faster. 

Increase Your

A knowledge base can help your business generate more revenue; by including upsell information within your knowledge base documents, agents can provide creative solutions to customer problems and generate more sales.

Improve Your
First Contact Resolution Rate

The best way to improve your First Contact Resolution Rate is by having a knowledge base. It puts all of the information your agent needs directly at their fingertips. They are able to pass the knowledge to the customer faster.

“A Knowledge Base supports your contact center to generate more revenue. Instead of being a “cost center” professional solutions turn contact centers into profit centers.” – Chris Rall 

Features of our leading Knowledge Base

Knowledge Center is the leading professional knowledge base for contact centers. As a state-of-the-art knowledge base Knowledge Center enables you to store all of your knowledge in a single location and lets your agents easily search the knowledge to find answers. Knowledge Center comes with many amazing features such as:

Decision tree creation tool

Article creation tool

Advanced search capability

Multi language support

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