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Solve IT Problems Faster & Reduce Helpdesk Inquiries

Unymira Smart Link is an intelligent IT self-service solution that provides a direct link between your employees and your IT department. With Smart Link employees can find answers to their IT related questions, and can easily contact the IT department if they have a more complex issue. Smart Link gives the IT department a single place where they can notify employees of the latest IT issues, software updates and security patches. Smart Link will reduce the number of questions directed to IT support, this will improve efficiency and will save you money.

Smart Link empowers both your employees and your IT department; your employees have the power to search for their own answers or easily create tickets for fast resolution, your IT department has the power to easily connect with the employees for seamless support. It does not matter whether a user submits a service request, reports a disruption, or has a general IT question. Smart Link provides all these functions within a single interface. Your existing systems, such as IT ticketing, service request applications, and document storage are not replaced, but complemented.  Smart Link is an App that can be installed on desktops, smartphones or tablets.

20 %

Fewer tickets in IT support


90 %

Faster resolution time


100 %

Customer satisfaction


Benefits of IT Self-Service

  • All IT info is stored in one place
  • Employees can resolve IT issues themselves
  • 24/7 support, online and offline
  • Faster ticket resolution
  • Multi-channel and multi-device support (Smartphone, tablet, desktop)
  • Multi-language support
  • Improves the productivity and efficiency of your IT team
  • Easily integrates into existing IT systems

Main Features of Smart Link

Save Money

Improve the efficiency of
your IT department
and save money.

IT Updates

The IT department is able to notify employees
of any IT issues, software updates
or security patches.

Ticket Creation

Employees are able to create tickets
for faster resolution to
complex IT issues

Easy Troubleshooting

Employees can access decision tree documents
for step by step instructions
to IT issues.

Intelligent Search

Employees can search the
IT knowledge base to
find solutions.

"On average Smart Link reduces the number of IT tickets by 20%"
- USU Case Study -

IT Self Service with Smart Link

Smart Link Integrates With

Smart Link can integrate into any existing incident and ticketing system and offers an open interface.
It can seamlessly integrate into nearly every existing system.

What our customers think about Smart Link:

Context-Related Access to all Sources of Knowledge

Due to the central importance of knowledge in the IT service, we opted for a professional tool from market leader USU. Nowadays, our agents need a 360-degree data supply, not only an overview of incidents and service requests. This means context-related access to all sources of knowledge, i.e. solution documents, manuals or guidelines, for example.

Bastian Dieckmann, CEO, Vater BankIT GmbH

Benefits through self-service

By rolling out self-service at our IT organization, we’ve established a further offering that generates benefits for users and also for us as the operator. We intend to enhance and expand this important communication channel in the coming months.

Achim Dilsen, Incident Manager / Deputy Head of the Global User Service, SIG Combibloc Group

One Central Solution for all IT Inquiries

  • Answers FAQ about IT topics by allowing users to search your central knowledge base
  • Communication via Chatbot is possible
  • Pro-active messaging and alarm system for IT notifications
  • Submitting and tracking of IT tickets
  • Direct contact to the support team via chat

Ready to Go Content from Knowledge Accelerators

  • 100,000+ How To videos for the most widely used applications (Windows, Office, Mac, iOS etc)
  • 8 languages (English, Portugese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Text, image and video multimedia content
  • Ready to import in your knowledge base

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