Chatbots for IT Service
& Help Desks

Chatbots are the Future of IT Support

Reducing ticket volume, decreasing service costs, faster ticket resolution times - the demands on IT helpdesks are constantly increasing. These require new solutions, particularly for the high number of common issues such as password resets, updates and troubleshooting. Chatbots offer enormous potential for service automation.

The focus for IT is goal-oriented support. Therefore,  dialog capability as well as access to your IT knowledge base is important. Otherwise, users will hop channels and either create a ticket or pick up the phone.

Upgrade your IT Service with Bots




Increased Productivity

User Benefits

  • No wait time
  • Faster than tickets and calls
  • Easy escalation to agents
  • 24/7 support
  • Multi-language Support

Helpdesk Benefits

  • Reduce first level inquiries & deflect tickets
  • Integrates with your knowledge base - No information silos
  • Easy to maintain & quick to setup
  • Automates simple processes

Case Study - 10x More Feedback with a Bot

A major telecom boosted its customer response rates to 35%! What did they do right? Find out in two pages!

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How Customers are using our Chatbots

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The Allianz Chatbot Allie helps prospects find their next job at Allianz while accessing its knowledge base in the background.

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VKB Insurance

This insurance company connected their knowledge base and chatbot with Alexa to provide customer service via voice assistants.

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