Mobile with service apps
from unymira

Convince mobile users with a professional service app

If "real" business processes are to be used on a mobile basis, responsive websites quickly reach their limits because a stable internet connection is always required, and managing the differences in display on the various end devices is complex. This increases implementation and maintenance effort. Special Liferay-based service apps can constitute a solution, but users are demanding: 73% expect a service app to be easier to use than the corresponding website.

For this reason, it is crucial in the development of service apps to concentrate on the mobile-relevant content and process sections and to ensure ease of use. By intelligently interlinking your business processes and content with smartphone functions such as push messaging, offline features, or navigation, you can also give your users an optimal mobile experience.

Uses of Liferay service apps

  • Access to personal information
  • More security than a browser
  • Apps work off-line, too
  • High availability – always with you
  • Supports push notifications
  • Good user experience through personalization
  • Not dependent on a browser
  • Less mobile data required for use
  • Better device support

Together with you, unymira designs and develops customized service apps

Unymira offers you consulting, conceptual design, and app development from a single source. Our solutions are based on the market-leading Liferay portal, which supports app development with many out-of-the-box functions. Liferay screens provide visual and functional building blocks that enable users to seamlessly map portal functions in the app. Liferay SDK connects your business process to the mobile device.

Benefit from our many years of experience and our expertise in developing service apps: 

  • Identification of mobile relevant business processes
  • Definition of mobile-relevant additional functions
  • Development of a UX design – seamless to the portal and optimized for mobile use
  • App development – for both iOS and Android
  • Connection to the portal
  • Definition and implementation of the roll-out process (app store)

Would you like to develop a service app for your mobile users?