Moderne Intranets mit unymira für bessere Zusammenarbeit im Unternehmen

Better networking

Innovative employee portals for better collaboration within the company

Modern employee portals are the central contact point for digital interaction among your employees. They make all important information available, serve as the central point of contact for your business processes, and sustainably support collaboration and innovation. 

Unlike the traditional, static intranet, they

  • enable and promote exchange among your employees – across locations, projects, and topics.
  • actively provide each employee with up-to-date, relevant information in one place
  • avoid media discontinuities and information silos by seamlessly combining knowledge, business processes, and interaction from your company's IT infrastructure
  • support your employees in the use mobile devices, anytime, anywhere
  • allow “out-of-the-box” expansion to an extranet for your business partners

More than just an intranet – employee portals from unymira

We have been developing Liferay-based employee portals for many years. They facilitate access to knowledge and knowledge carriers, offer ideal process support, and optimize internal communication. Liferay offers many out-of-the-box functions: For example, you can rely on numerous basic functions for content and document management, workflow and search, and support for mobile devices, allowing you to concentrate on your business requirements.

Our strengths

Liferay Platinum
Service Partner
more than 40 years of process
and integration expertise
consulting, conceptual design and development from a single source

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