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Voice Assistance: Voicebots for Customer Service

Whether it's Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, virtual assistants are increasingly present in U.S. households. According to a recent study, one in four Americans has access to a smart speaker today. As the adoption rate continues to increase, it’s time to ask when, not if, digital assistants like Alexa will be deployed for customer service. Unymira enables you to easily provide the support your customers expect via voicebots!

WHITEPAPER - VOICE SERVICE - Voice Assistants are Transforming Customer Service

What exactly is Voice Service? How can digital assistants like Alexa be best used in a customer service context? What challenges do they present as a new channel and audio-only format? Find the answers to these questions and more in our latest whitepaper.

Interacting with Digital Voice Assistants

Voice service, also known as Conversational Service, provides a natural form of communication. Language is our primary means of communication making voice assistants like Alexa or Siri a promising new customer support channel. However, to accelerate its usefulness and adoption, it is crucial that Alexa, for example, is not only bombarded with questions but engages in actual dialogue. Most skills and functions are currently simple question and answer in form, essentially acting as an FAQ in audio format.

Unymira's, on the other hand, relies on dialogue. By connecting a digital language assistant with our chatbot Knowledge Bot creating a voicebot, actual conversations are possible versus a simple question and answer dynamic. This not only creates a better customer experiences but also benefits Alexa as it actively learns from each interaction. Here's how it works:

Innovative Service Channel

24/7 Service

Reduce Call Volume

Boost your NPS

Integrating Voicebots with Knowledge Center

The advantage of Unymira's Voice Service is its integration with our knowledge base Knowledge Center

Changes or new content are made directly in Knowledge Center and immediately available to voice assistants like Alexa.

This allows you to easily manage multiple channels from one location . Additionally, since the content is maintained in Knowledge Center, there is no need to update the Alexa skill and have it reapproved and released via Amazon.

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Advantages of Voice Service

  • 24/7 Service
  • Natural and intuitive support channel
  • Meets rising customer expectations
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Positions company as offering Innovative customer service

Advantages of Voice Service
with Unymira

  • High quality support with accurate information
  • Low developer effort
  • Short implementation times
  • Visual editorial workflows
  • New releases not required when information is updated

Alexa and Unymira Easily Won us Over

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers an additional innovative service channel with Amazon's Alexa. Being able to resolve service inquiries via our VKBrain-Skill with Alexa we simultaneously meet the needs of modern customers and reduce the volume of standard requests for our service agents. Together with Unymira, we have taken a major step towards digital customer service in a very short time.

Petrik Nischik, Department  Head 6KV05, Versicherungskammer Bayern

Alexa, tell me more about Voice Service with Unymira

Voice Service 101

What are Digital Voice Assistants?

In simple terms, digital voice assistants are speakers that are equipped with microphones and integrated voice control that are connected to the manufacturer's cloud platform. The voice assistant starts with a special wake word (e.g. "Alexa" or "OK Google") and records the request and performs the desired action. For example, if you ask "OK, Google, what's the weather today?" it will answer with the current temperature, chance of rain and so forth. 

The best-known voice assistants are Google Home, Alexa and Siri. They are often referred to as smart speakers, voice-controlled digital assistants or voice assistants.

What is a Voicebot?

Voicebots are a type of chatbot that communicate via voice instead of traditional text. They listen to the speaker, process the information and return an audio response. They are found in popular smart speakers and assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana. Voicebots are more than just text-to-speech programs. They record and process audio using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and then use connected systems such as a company's knowledge base, to solve the request and ultimately deliver it back via audio whether to a smart speaker, desktop or mobile device. 

How do Voice Assistants Work?

When turned on, smart speakers run in standby mode and listen for their designated wake word such as “Alexa.” Once recognized, its voice control function is activated, records  speech and then forwards it to the manufacturer’s cloud platform. In the cloud, natural language processing (NLP) converts the incoming audio into text for analysis using special algorithms. It is then forwarded to a server where the matching answer is found in text form. The result is then converted back into speech form and output via the speaker. The entire process takes mere seconds.

What are Skills?

Desktop computers have programs. Smartphones have apps and digital assistants have so-called "Skills" (Alexa) or "Actions" (Google Home). These are built-in capabilities or apps created for a narrow purpose such as checking the weather, playing audio or video, controlling smart home devices or even making purchases. Skills are available both from the manufacturer itself as well as a multitude of other companies. The more skills enabled on your device, the more your digital assistant can do.

How Do I Develop Skills or Actions?

There are different ways to develop a skill or action for a digital language assistant. Often whole skills are programmed with functions and text modules and delivered to the manufacturer. They then go through a long approval process. The disadvantage of this is that every change, even if it is only a single word, must be run through the approval and release process again, which can take several days. Alternatively, a skill can be developed that only records and processes the spoken language and passes it on to another system. The advantage of this is that the skill does not need to be updated when content changes and that new information is immediately available. 

Currently, voice service skills in particular still have to be implemented by professional developers. With Skill Blueprints, Amazon is gradually making it easier for non-developers to create basic skills. However, the options are still limited and cannot yet cover a support scenario. 

What is the Future of Digital Language Assistants?

Voice assistants such as Google Home, Siri and Alexa are here to stay in American homes. As of 2019, 1 in 4 people had access to one, something that can no longer be dismissed as hype. Within the next five years, communicating with digital voice assistants will become as common as live chat has. The desire for instant, easy communication and access to information will continue to grow dramatically in both the consumer and commercial markets. As with previous new technologies, this will translate into new customer expectations and service channels.

What is Voice Service?

Voice Service is simply a customer service channel which involves a digital assistant such as Google Home, Alexa or Siri. This is in contrast to traditional phone calls or emails. Voice service comes in the form of a specially developed skill or action (program) that customers can enable on their devices to interact with a company's support.

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