Customer Service
for Social Media All in One Place

Serve your Customers on Social Media in Every Channel

Everyone spends an average of at least two hours on social media – every single day. It may be to catch up with friends, to gather information, or to provide feedback on products and services.

Social media channels have long since developed into one of the most frequently used exchange and communication platforms, allowing access via smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC.

When it comes to communicating with companies, customers also increasingly prefer contact via social media over spending lots of time on hold on the phone. They expect a quick response and a simple, personal answer to their questions or service cases.

Receive all requests in a single inbox

Our “Connect” all-in-one social media management tool bundles all customer service requests from social media channels, via chats, forums, blogs, app stores, and Amazon in a clearly arranged inbox. Questions about orders and functions, feedback, or complaints – our social media software brings them together from all channels and assigns them to the employees responsible according to defined workflows. Best of all, it integrates with our knowledge base for true omnichannel customer engagement.


20+ Channels in 1 Inbox

Faster Response Times

Reduce Call Volume

Connect application areas


All social contributions in a
single inbox, meaning no more
mail missed


Send responses quickly and directly
from Connect and define
the editorial schedule


Comprehensive analysis,
evaluation options and
live dashboards

How the Connect Social Media Inbox helps you

  • No more overlooked questions
  • Efficient work because only one tool is needed
  • Clear responsibilities in the team with post assignment
  • Manifold workflow rules – according to topics, skills, or last contact person, for instance
  • Fast processing of queries on the same topic (bulk processing)
  • Simple queries to employees without tool access
  • Enhanced service quality with quick answers prepared directly from the inbox
  • Improved service level through individual definition of each channel
  • Intuitive editorial planning (publishing)
  • Meaningful evaluation options and live dashboards
  • Automation with chatbots

Our Social Media Inbox can do much more

Amazon News integration

In addition to messages from social media channels, forums, and app stores, all inquiries can be forwarded directly to the inbox via Amazon. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms and gives you the entire user history at a glance. Stipulating specific service times for each individual channel ensures that customers receive optimal care and the service they expect.

Connecting a chatbot

The use of an intelligent bot can improve your customer service performance by up to 80 percent. Coordinating processes between chatbots and your employees allows you to increase your service team’s efficiency and always offer your customers the best possible service quality. By partially automating inquiry processing, you can also improve your service levels.

Take Control of All your Social Media Inquiries in 1 Inbox

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