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A Platform for Sharing Knowledge in every Customer Service Channel

Managing multiple channels and delivering quality-assured and consistent information in each one is a huge challenge, whether on a small business or enterprise level. As new channels develop, dozens of new vendors and software options pop up. This leads to a mish-mash of ad-hoc solutions that are difficult to integrate, or not integrated at all!

Instead of being blindsided every few years by new channels or figuring out how to integrate new technology, Unymira offers an entire customer service platform that enables you to grow on your schedule and seamlessly integrate new channels and features as required. With our knowledge base as the foundation, managing bots, social media, self-service and chat is easy and all powered by a single source of information (Knowledge Center). That means no knowledge silos, no inconsistent answers in different channels and only one place to maintain and update your service information.

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Omnichannel Knowledge Management Software for Customer Service

With Unymira's customer service platform, you decide which combination of tools and features suits your requirements. Whether you start with the basics or a suite of tools, your organization will have a future-proof foundation on which to build and expand over time.  Say goodbye to ad-hoc software choices in the future and difficult, expensive integration projects. Unymira's knowledge management platform uses your knowledge base to power contact centers, chatbots, self-service, social media support, external knowledge bases on your website, ticketing and more. Dare we say: One Solution to Rule them All?

The Building Blocks of Excellent Customer Experience

Knowledge Base

Centralize all your support information in one place and use it to power everything.

Social Media

Provide centralized customer support to all your social media channels.


Quickly build and deploy chatbots powered by the content in your knowledge base. 

Voice Service

Offer customer service via Alexa etc. powered by chatbots and your knowledge base.


Web self-service using your knowledge base content and decision trees.

CRM, Ticketing & More

With our seamless integrations, connect your CRM and ticketing system such as Salesforce and Zendesk.


and more!

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