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Choosing an On Premise Knowledge Base vs. Cloud-based

Choosing Where to Host your Knowledge Base

Proper deployment is critical to the success of your knowledge base.

At Unymira we offer BOTH on premise installation and cloud deployment (SaaS) of Knowledge Center in order to meet customer needs in every industry.

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Our knowledge base centralizes all of your information so it's easy to find anything. It enables you to make your documents accurate, up-to-date and easily deliver help to every channel. Integrate your must-have tools. Onboard your agents faster. Enjoy better CX, happier agents and satisfied customers.

What is an On Premises Knowledge Base?

An on premises knowledge base is installed and runs locally on your own servers, rather than at a remote third party facility such as a cloud provider. This may be a requirement in certain industries such as medical and financial. 

An On Premises Knowledge Base is also known as an in house Knowledge Base.

What is A Cloud (SaaS) Knowledge Base?

Our cloud option for Knowledge Center is hosted and maintained in the cloud by the provider licensed on a subscription basis. It requires less IT resources and can quickly setup and accessed via the web.


"After implementing Knowledge Center financial clients typically see a 50% improvement in FCR"

Benefits of an On Premises Knowledge Base

  • Easy to install & customize
  • Single-Sign-On via LDAP
  • One time cost for software license, based on numbers of users
  • Your IT team handles security, integration, and any software updates
  • Full access to: tech support, product upgrades, new releases, bug fixes

Benefits of a SaaS
Knowledge Base

  • No installation efforts
  • Single-Sign-On via SAML
  • Monthly subscription fee; cost is based on numbers of user
  • Unymira handles network security, any integrations and software updates
  • Full access to: tech support, product upgrades, new releases, bug fixes

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