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The Leading Knowledge Base for Salesforce

A Power Couple for Customer Service

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Seamlessly Access Sales & Support Data in your CRM

Deliver an outstanding customer experience across all of your departments. By combining the best CRM software with the leading knowledge management platform, your sales and customer service teams will enjoy a holistic view of the entire customer journey along each touchpoint with you. 

Our seamless Salesforce integration means your team can effortlessly access and work in both systems. No switching programs or having to search in multiple places! Get the most powerful knowledge management solution for your Salesforce CRM! 

The Most Powerful Combination for your Contact Center

Give customer service agents access to critical support data, when and where they need it — without leaving Salesforce.

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Why Combine Knowledge Center with Salesforce?

Better Customer Communication

  • Pull in Salesforce CRM data 
  • Includes custom objects
  • Support team sees full customer profile


Better Collaboration

  • Easier teams collaboration
  • Better visibility for tickets & inquiries
  • Support can easily access customer data

Eliminate Silos for Faster Resolutions

  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Less hold time and searching
  • No information gaps between departments

Everyone Can Contribute

  • Every agent can contribute knowledge
  • No additional license required to author articles
  • Designed for KCS

Customer Use Case - Scaling up with Knowledge Center


  • Medical industry
  • Locations in multiple countries
  • Customer Service divided into 4 groups
  • Using Salesforce CRM + Knowledge


  • Enterprise contact center features missing
  • Addtl. license required to create information
  • Limited editorial options
  • No decision trees or interactive documents


  • Migrated from Salesforce Knowledge 
  • Unymira migrated content to Knowledge Center
  • Both systems integrated via certified app
  • Content can be easily used in multiple channels


  • Everyone can create knowledge
  • Agents can access both systems
  • Knowledge easily deployed to new channels
  • Documents now interactive
  • Decision trees for common inquiries

Because One Size Doesn't Fit All

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What our Customers say

"A very powerful tool for knowledge management in service environments with excellent vendor support."

Getting Started with Knowledge Center on the AppExchange

  1. Visit the Salesforce AppExchange
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Click the "Get it Now" button
  4. Install the the new Knowledge Center app (You'll need the necessary rights)
  5. Configure user and organization syncing in Salesforce
  6. Enjoy your new found powers!