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The Foundation of your Contact Center

Unymira Knowledge Center is the leading knowledge base for contact centers. We help your customer facing agents with relevant, easy to understand knowledge so that they can provide better, more efficient customer service.

Today, dealing with the sheer volume of information is harder than actually finding it.  How can so many answers be at our fingertips except when we contact customer service? Our goal is to make customer service as simple as a Google search.  With the active search function agents can find answers to questions quickly and easily.

Knowledge Center brings together all of the knowledge of your call center in one central, easily accessible platform. 

40 %

Higher FCR

50 %

Productivity Increase

70 %

Fewer documents

80 %

Faster Onboarding

Main Features of Knowledge Center

Intelligent Search

Knowledge Center puts all of your knowledge at your agents fingertips enabling them to quickly answer customer questions.

E-Learning Functionality

Knowledge Center offers E-learning functionality to reduce onboarding and training time for new and existing agents.

Decision Trees

Build custom decision trees to guide agents step by step through inquiries and ensure consistent, quality service in every channel.

Self-Service & Chatbots

Our Knowledge base integrates seamlessly with our Knowledge chatbot and our Web self-service Portal "Knowledge First".

Artificial Intelligence

Built-in AI means Knowledge Center continuously learns from user behavior to better serve your agents.

Article Editor

Our intelligent editor lets you create new articles and edit existing ones for seamless content management.

From Automotive to Insurance and Retail, We Deliver better Customer Experiences in every Industry

  • Knowledge is stored in one central place

  • Integrate knowledge anywhere

  • Agents can use, create and edit content

  • Engage globally with multilanguage support

  • Constantly improving via AI
  • Decision Tree creation tool

  • Integrated E-learning

  • Workflow and approval for articles

  • Integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk & more

  • Inter-agent chat

See what our customers think about Knowledge Center:

"A very powerful tool for knowledge management in service environments with excellent vendor support." - Capterra review

Built-in E-learning for Support Agents

Continued education is essential for every call center agent. Agents must be able to quickly and easily learn new information about their services/products. Knowledge Center offers an integrated E-learning feature. This feature allows you to create E-learning modules to help agents stay abreast of the latest developments, as well as to create tests to ensure that agents understand their product/service. This module has full media support, allowing you to add text content as well as images/videos.

The E-learning module allows for faster onboarding of new agents. New agents are introduced to Knowledge Center through the onboarding process and through initial tests; this ensures greater compliance with Knowledge Center once the agents are fully trained.

Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)

Knowledge Center is designed to help increase First Call Resolution.
This means that your agents are able to provide better customer service, faster and with more accuracy. According to our research Knowledge Center can improve FCR by over 40%. This will save your agents time and will save you money.


and more!

Designed with KCS® in Mind

At Unymira we focus on the principles of Knowledge-Centered Service KCS® within our knowledge base. KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation. The product management team of our Knowledge Base is (KCS®) certified.

Knowledge-Centered Service is a service delivery methodology based on how to manage and create knowledge effectively to support key business processes. The aim of KCS® is to deliver knowledge with greater value and more efficiency.

In order to adhere to the KCS® methodology you need a professional knowledge base that should meet the requirements in the following checklist:

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