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Chatbots to Support your Customers & Agents

A Knowledge Base powered Chatbot on your Website

Unymira's Knowledge Bot is the best customer service chatbot for your business and it's a better customer experience too! 

Provide instant 24/7 service from your website, social media account or app and still decide when to hand off to a live agent.

Define custom escalation points, dress it up in your brand and give it a unique personality! It analyzes chats and identifies at-risk customers and can automatically hand off to an agent or provide a discount code for example.

Our chatbot is easy to set up and integrates directly with Knowledge Center or your existing knowledge base. This ensures answers are always up-to-date and you don't have a separate source of data to maintain since it only pulls data from your knowledge management platform.

Bots can also pre-classify complex issues before transferring to a live agent, which significantly reduces the work staff has to do.

Customer Benefits

  • 1 click to instant service
  • Faster reaction time than live chat
  • Easy escalation to a live agent
  • 24/7 support
  • Multi-language Support

Company Benefits

  • Integrates with your knowledge base - No information silos
  • Easy to maintain & Quick to setup
  • Website & social media integration
  • Automates simple processes
  • Reduce first level inquiries & Tickets

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Efficiency Gain


Faster Response Time


More time for complex cases

Integrate Our Chatbot Everywhere

Knowledge Bot is ready out-of-the-box to integrate where you need it:

  • Your website
  • Facebook page
  • Mobile apps
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Your Knowledge Base

How Customers are Using our Chatbot

As a central component of your customer service or IT service, our chatbot software can be used in a variety of different areas and quickly adapted to individual needs. It can be integrated on your company website, social media pages or in your app. Maintainance is equally simple with no technical background required so your agents can manage it.

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The Allianz Chatbot Allie helps prospects find their next job at Allianz while accessing its knowledge base in the background.

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Versicherungskammer Bayern

This Bavarian insurance company connected their Knowledge Base and Chatbot with Alexa to provide customer service via Voice Assistants.

Case Study -
How One Telecom Boosted Customer Feedback 10x

A major telecom provider boosted its customer survey response rates from 3-5% up to 35%! How did they plan, build and implement it so well? Find out in two pages!

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Customer Service is Better with Bots

Information und Transaktion als wichtige Extranet-Funktionen

Information Sharing

  • Informs customers
  • Recommends FAQs
  • Makes announcements
  • Suggests relevant topics


  • Pre-qualifies inquiries
  • Analyzes and categorizes inquiries
  • Selects and priorities requests
Darstellung Online-Dialog mit Chatbot

Customer Service

  • Provides information (Text, PDFs etc.)
  • Answers customer service inquiries
  • Handle returns & complaints


  • Asks whether issue was solved satisfactorily
  • Asks about quality of service
  • Conducts short customer surveys

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