Remain effortlessly
up to date

We deliver optimally prepared social media analyses

Discover the advantages of quality-assured, condensed, target-group-oriented data – in your PowerPoint design for direct further use. Our team of analysts is at your disposal with many years of experience in information design and social media analysis:

  • Community analysis: Get next-level insights and better understand your community and fans.
  • Workload analysis: Plan capacities in Social Customer Service according to the anticipated workload.
  • Campaign analysis: Analyze and evaluate the success of social media measures.

Social media analysis – perfectly tailored to your needs

Ad-hoc analysis and deep dives

  • Receive flexible ad-hoc evaluations of current developments/li>
  • Provides an empirical basis for strategic decisions
  • Systematically add trending topics to your own content strategy
  • Benchmark products, brands, and business areas

Receive continuous digital media reports

  • Brief once, regular updates, clear focus
  • Track progress, identify trends early on
  • Make knowledge distribution routine
  • Systematically develop a source of information for continuous improvement and decision support