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About Unymira

Why Knowledge Management?

In the last decade knowledge management has become a vital part of many organizations. All companies have knowledge and the amount of knowledge has grown exponentially, with this the need for quality knowledge management solutions have increased as well.

We are here to provide you with the best knowledge management tools on the market. In addition to an industry leading knowledge base that allows you to store all of your documents in a single location and easily access them as they are needed we also offer a leading web self-service tool and Botty, our intelligent knowledge bot, as well as other tools that are designed to simplify your service workflow.

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 “Providing the right answers to the right person at the right time will improve performance,
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Why Unymira?

Unymira is a division of the USU Group, which is a German software company that aims to help improve the customer experience. The USU group was founded in 1976 and has over 600 employees worldwide as well as operations in over a dozen countries.  The unymira division is based in Möglingen, Germany and in Boston. The US team of unymira is comprised of highly skilled experts who are experienced in all aspects of knowledge optimization and knowledge base set up and maintenance.  The unymira team employs over 200 consultants and we have over 400 customers globally.

Our Products and Industries

Unymira products and services are designed to cater to many different industries including, call centers and contact centers, IT departments, customer service help desks, telecom companies, insurance companies, transportation companies and many other companies that have a large amount of institutional knowledge.

Unymira is a leading knowledge management software company; we provide multiple software solutions such as knowledge base software for call centers and contact centers, the best in class web self-service tool, an amazing IT self-service tool and so much more!

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Center is an industry leading intelligent knowledge base that is designed to improve customer service by giving all employees access to institutional knowledge. In addition Knowledge Center is designed to help facilitate the training and onboarding of new employees so that every employee can be an expert.

Smart Link

Smart Link is an IT self-service tool that is designed to help employees resolve IT issues. Smart Link gives you the ability to have an IT knowledge base that employees are able to access and search. Smart Link is designed to help IT departments save time and money.

Knowledge First

Our self-service product Knowledge First is an intelligent web self-service platform that can be integrated into your website so that your customers can quickly and easily find answers to questions. Knowledge First has the ability to access knowledge base articles and can help answer simple as well as more complex queries. Knowledge First is designed to help customer service departments save time and money.

Knowledge Bot

We offer an innovative and intelligent chatbot named Motty. Motty is an interactive knowledge chatbot that is designed to give real time answers to customer questions. Motty is very smart and is able to access your knowledge base to get answers to questions.

Smart Alert

Smart Alert is a proactive IT messaging and alarm system that allows for quick, direct distribution of IT information throughout your organization. Many customers use Smart Alert to notify employees of the latest security patches and help walk them through the installation. Smart Alert can be an invaluable tool to help your company prevent cyber crime.


Connect is a social media tool that bundles customer service requests from multiple social media channels into a single easy to navigate inbox. Connect can help make your online customer service team a super star!

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On Premise Knowledge Base Experts

As a leading provider of knowledge management services we pride ourselves on our ability to deploy our solutions in the way that works best for our clients. There are two ways to deploy our knowledge base, on premise and SaaS Deployment. On premise knowledge base deployment gives you the most control over the knowledge base.
On premise deployment means that you have the full license to the software, it is hosted on your premises and your IT team has the ability to manage any integrations, as well as data security.

With SaaS knowledge base deployment you still have full control over the knowledge base but we host the software for you, and we handle things such as any necessary integrations and any security that is needed. An additional benefit to SaaS deployment is that it allows you to scale your knowledge base to the number of users much easier.  

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