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The faces
behind Unymira

Managing Directors of Unymira within the USU GmbH

Unymira Management is composed of 5 Managing Directors. Here we would like to introduce you to our Management.

Klaus Bader | Consulting & Organization

Klaus Bader has been part of USU Consulting since 1982. He is an experienced industrial engineer, he has occupied several leading positions within USU. Currently he is part of the Unymira Management Board and is responsible for strategy, consulting, and HR as well as quality control.

Florian Dorrer | Consulting

Florian Dorrer founded unitb technology in 2002 while studying informatics. In 2016-2017 unitb became part of the USU Group and in 2018 they joined Unymira. Today Florian Dorrer is a Managing Director of Unymira and is responsible for the Consulting Business and Creative Services.

Harald Huber | Product Management

Harald Huber has been part of the USU Group since 1991. He was instrumental in the development of the knowledge products. From 2008 to 2014 he was product Manager of the USU business unit KCenter and from 2014 until the end of 2017 he was on the Management Board of USU KCenter, together with Sven Kolb. He is now Managing Director of the new business unit Unymira and is responsible for product management. He is an author and speaker about knowledge management topics and trends in customer service.

Sven Kolb | Sales & Marketing

Sven Kolb has been part of the USU Group since 2001. He Started as an IT-Consultant and Account Manager, he became business unit manager in 2007 and was responsible for Sales, Marketing and Internationalization. He has been on the Management Board of the USU KCenter since. He has been Managing Director Sales & Marketing of the Unymira Unit since 2018. Sven Kolb is a lecturer teaching at the “Duale University” Lörrach / Stuttgart and at the International Business School of Service Management (ISS) Hamburg. His main topics are Customer Service and Knowledge Management.

Uwe Steixner | Consulting

Uwe Steixner started his USU career in 2001 he manages the Consulting unit of Unymira. He supports the digital transformation processes of his customers. His main interests are business process analytics, software architectures and their seamless operation as well as project management. Uwe Steixner studied Information Systems at the University of Stuttgart.