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Knowledge Center is the leading Knowledge Base for Customer Service

Our knowledge base is designed to make your contact center more efficient and customers' happier. It enables you to centralize knowledge, create custom decision trees, deflect more tickets and lower call volumes.

Unymira's Knowledge Center leads to better customer experiences, increased productivity and more satisfied agents. 

Benefits of Knowledge Center

  • 40% Higher First Contact Resolution Rate
  • 50% Increase in Productivity
  • 70% Fewer Documents
  • 80% Faster Training Period

Everyone in your Customer Service Center Benefits from Knowledge Center


  • Consistent support quality in every channel
  • Problems resolved faster
  • Get accurate and current information
  • Fewer transferred calls

Service Agent

  • Find information as easily as a Google search
  • Only one place to search for answers
  • Guided chats to ensure easy and consistent service
  • Built-in e-learning


  • Create custom workflows
  • Custom-built approval processes
  • Create guided chats and scripts
  • Tackle complex topics easily like a flowchart in Powerpoint


  • Ensure consistent service from all agents
  • Centrally manage scripts and guides
  • Faster onboarding for new agents
  • Custom Reports

From Automotive to Insurance and Retail, We Deliver better Customer Experiences in every Industry

  • Knowledge stored in one central place

  • Agents can use, create and edit content

  • Engage globally with multilanguage support 

  • Constantly improving via AI
  • Decision Tree creation tool

  • Integrated E-learning

  • Custom Workflows and Approvals

  • Integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk & more

Start Delivering Better Customer Experiences Today!

What our Customers say

"A very powerful tool for knowledge management in service environments with excellent vendor support."

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Key Features of Knowledge Center

Find out more about Unymira's leading knowledge management platform for customer service and contact centers. Download the PDF with a detailed feature list.