We will stay on task for you

unymira Application Management takes care of routine tasks and monitoring for you

Software application maintenance and support takes time and resources – applications must be monitored regularly, trends and deviations analyzed, and performance optimized.  Performing security audits and updating current version and patch statuses is often postponed in everyday work, which can lead to unauthorized access and security gaps. 

We put your application, portal, or website into operation and stay on task for you. Our Application Performance Management is an essential part of unymira Application Management: From monitoring and analysis to optimizing your application, we support you holistically. 

Not only do we support your application in day-to-day operations, but also solve your users’ problems and develop new functionality if required. Upon request, we offer individual service level agreements (SLAs) with up to 24/7 availability.  

Our Application Management services:

  • Performance monitoring, analysis, and optimization
  • Security audit performance
  • Access privilege assignment, unauthorized access checks
  • Installation of updates and patches
  • Change requests accepted, evaluated, and implemented in cooperation with your Change Advisory Board
  • Interface monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and error correction
  • Coordination of all measures with your IT and specialist department
  • Hosting
Shorter delivery times
  • Agile project management (Scrum/Kanban)
  • Current technologies
  • Continuous delivery
  • Stateless architecture
  • Responsive design
  • Open-source competence
Higher reliability
  • ITIL best practices
  • Service times up to 24/7
  • Knowledge management
  • Preventive monitoring
  • Test automation
  • Cloud computing
  • Many years of experience in critical system operation
Increasing complexity
  • One central contact person (service manager)
  • Obstacle removal (DevOps)
  • European nearshoring possible
  • Fixed prices
  • Independent analyses

We would be happy to take care about your application management!